Our Pricing

If your home needs a quick spruce up, a one-time service is a great option. For a spring-cleaning session to give your home our deep cleaning service is just the thing you need. Regular upkeep and maintenance calls for routine or recurring cleaning services which is best suited for busy homeowners who have a lot going on in the household but not enough time to take care of it.

What’s the best pricing for you?

Hourly Cleaning Packages:
Recommended for ad-hoc services where a portion of the household only needs to be cleaned. With an hourly-based package, you can customize a service by only selecting the cleaning tasks you require.

Fixed-Rate Hourly Pricing:
This is basically a fixed rate for a particular service such as end of lease cleaning, office cleaning, or deep cleaning. In addition to this, pricing is calculated as per the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to clean while also taking the size of the house into consideration. Cleaning tasks are fixed and cannot be predetermined, clients can opt for add-on tasks for a complete service that meets all their requirements.

Our standard cleaning service is a more frequent cleaning option for a home that is already well kept.

Pricing Based on Number of Rooms

Studio Apartment
$ 100+ per clean
subject to condition
2 Bedroom Unit
Great Deal!
$ 150+ per clean
subject to condition
3 Bedroom House
$ 200+ per clean
subject to condition
Carpet Cleaning
Excellent Value
$ 150 - 350 per clean
subject to size
Window clean
Excellent Value
$ 100-150 per clean
subject to condition
End of lease clean
$ 100-650 per clean
subject to condition
Commercial clean
$ 150-300 per clean
subject to condition
Fridge clean
$ 20-50 per hour
subjected to condition

The following cleaning services are not provided

Chandeliers, Wet Wiping Light Bulbs, Biohazards (Excessive Mould, Blood), Animal Waste, High Reach Areas, Gardening and Putting Dishes Away.
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